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ISO NS, allows a complete management of NG Series systems, transforming them in immediate way in powerful numerical controls. Simple and intuitive, it introduces a familiar graphical interface. All the functions are very detailed and comprehensible and can be used both mouse and keyboard, as TOUCH SCREEN systems . Thanks to 3D preview, it’s possible to see the working before it’s running, anticipating in this way eventual programminge errors and outside Axis. High speed in micro-straigths working renders ISO-NS particulary apt to work irregular complex profiles generated by CAD/ CAM systems. There is no limitation to theprogram memory (using the PC RAM) and tothe available number of programs (using the PC hard disk). Extended programming with cycles LOOP, IF, mathematical functions, limitless management of variable, jumps to label, working of subprograms stored in hard disk, complex M functions ISO NS calculates the profile optimal speed, always guaranteeing the better timing to optimize the working cycle, reducing the speed in the critical points.

● 9 Axis interpolation with multiprocess
● Linear, Circular , Helical interpolation
● Tangential axis for cut machine
● Gcode parametric
● Preview 3D with allarm outside axis
● AFC - Adaptive Feed Control
● Filter N.U.R.B.S. - NOISE - RLS
● LOOP, IF condition mathematical etc.
● RETRACE and RESTART from block
● Open Source

Supported G Codes

G0 RAPID positioning
G1 Linear Interpolation at F programmed speed
G2 CW circular interpolation
G3 CCW circular interpolation
G4 Timed pause
G10 Enable external axis OVERRIDE ASSI on potentiometer
G11 Disable external axis OVERRIDE ASSI on potentiometer
G17 Set work plane on X-Y
G18 Set work plane on Z-X
G19 Set work plane on Y-Z
G20 Enable vertical mirror
G21 Disable vertical mirror G20
G22 Change axis of the work plane
G23 Restore axis of the work plane (disable G22)
G24 Enable horizontal mirror
G25 Disable horizontal mirror G24
G26 Change a couple of axis
G27 Suspend G26
G28 Restore G26
G30 Enable automatic insert of fillet on edges
G31 Suspend G30
G32 Restore G30
G33 Enable automatic insert of bevel on edges
G34 Suspend G33
G35 Restore G33
G36 Gestione assi rotativi
G40 Disable TOOL RADIUS compensation
G41 Enable TOOL RADIUS compensation LEFT
G42 Enable TOOL RADIUS compensation RIGHT
G43 Enable TOOL LENGTH compensation
G44 Disable TOOL LENGTH compensation
G45 Enable TOOL LENGTH compensation, parameter from TOOL TABLE
G46 Disable G45
G47 Set mode of start/stop TOOL compensationG41 G42
G50 Working plane rotation
G51 Suspend plane rotation G50
G52 Restore plane rotation G50
G53 As G98 (for compatibility to other cn)
G54 Work origin from memory, AXIS X (or axis selected by following parameters XYZ etc
G55 Work origin from memory, AXIS Y
G56 Work origin from memory, AXIS Z
G57 Work origin from memory, AXIS XY
G58 Work origin from memory, AXIS YZ
G59 Work origin from memory, AXIS XZ
G60 Enable FAST interpolation without stop on segments
G61 Enable interpolation with stop on segments
G62 Wait stop axis
G63 G1 Enable PX_MOVETO (3D interpolation outside selected plane) without stop
G64 G1 Enableinterpolation on selected plane PX_LINETO (2D plane interpolation
G65 Enable 3D interpolation PX_MOVETO with calculated stop on edge by parameters
G66 AFC – Adaptive Feed Control
G67 PX_MOVETO for movement outside plane and PX_LINETO for inside ones
G68 Always using of PX_LINETO in G1 “TRANSPORTED AXIS”
G69 LHK – Depth of buffer Look Ahead on virtual CN
G70 Set work plane on a generic couple of axis
G71 Start axis home searching
G72 Enable N.U.R.B.S (NotUniform Rational BSpline) filter
G73 Enable Noise filter
G74 EnableRLS (Remove Len Segment) filter
G75 Use G64 for movement inside work plane and G65 for movement outside work plane
G80 Forced pause by code
G82 Work ORIGIN at current position with sensor offset
G85 Work OFFSET at current position with sensor offset
G86 Hardware preset axis on module 360 degrees
G87 Suspendhead offset selected with Hn
G88 Restorehead offset selected with Hn
G89 HardWare Preset of axis position
G90 Positioning/intepolating with ABSOLUTE position
G91 Positioning/intepolating with INCREMENTAL position
G92 Work ORIGIN at current position
G93 Work OFFSET at selected position
G94 Work ORIGIN at selected position
G95 Work OFFSET at current position
G96 Suspendwork offset G93-G95
G97 Restorework offset G92-G94
G98 Suspend  work origin G92-G94
G99 Restore work origin G92-G94
G100 Syncronous comand for VIRTUAL axis
G101 AXIS STOP comand
G102 Start sensor acquisition
G103 Set RTCP parameters
G104 Enable RTCP
G105 Suspend RTCP
G940 MOVE axes excluding WORK ORIGIN only in the actual block