NG Quark
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The new series of CNC NGQUARK is suitable for low level. It can be used in stand-alone mode with VTB Custom application for up to 4 axes, or with ISONS where it turns into CNC 3-axis linear interpolation, CIRCULAR, ELICODALE for up to 3 axles. The CPU 11 includes input 24Vdc PNP, PNP 8 Out 1 A, 2 serial lines RS232, CANopen 1, 4 analog inputs configurable 12-bit and 4-AXIS STEP / DIR (if you configure the axes STEP / DIR, there is only one INPUT available analog). With special firmware, NGQUARK can be used as a CANopen slave for expansion I / O digital and analog. The complete programming VTB, the ease of use for custom applications

● Up to 4 Axes CanOpen/STEP-DIR positioned
● up to 3 Axes CanOpen/STEP-DIR Interpolated
● 1 RS232 - 1 RS232/485
● Max 11 Digital Inputs PNP 24 Vdc
● Max 8 Digital Outputs up to 1 A 24 Vdc
● up to 4 Analog Inputs 12 Bit
● PLC cycle On Board
● Programmable in VTB (Visual Tool Basic)
● Component framework .NET