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NGM13 encloses high technology joined to low price. As one of the NEXT GENERATION family it follows its main features. CPU integrates 16 digital input PNP 24Vdc, 14 digital output 1,2A PNP, 2 RS232 serial line, 1 CanOpen, 8 analog input 12 Bit and 4 STEP/DIR axis. It is able to control up to 32 CanOpen axis, to generate CAM profile and to manage electronic gear. Furthermore, thanks to expansion BUS, it’s possible adding up to 7 I/O module. The STEP/DIR axis can operate in INTERPOLATION mode as well as CanOpen axis and it is able to drive an output frequency of 400 Khz for a single channel. In a compact case NGM13 is perfect for managing machine of medium/high complexity with a code execution speed comparable to NG35 system. A 16 Kb FRAM nv-memory allows for sufficient data storage. NGM13 is completely programmable with VTB ambient using all DEBUG features provided by such development system.

● Control up to 32 CanOpen axes
● Control up to 16 Axes STEP/DIR
● RAM 32 Kb, FLASH 192 Kb code, NV RAM 16Kb
● 2 RS232
● Max 128 Digital Inputs PNP 24 Vdc
● Max 112 Digital Outputs up to 1 A 24 Vdc
● 8 Analog Inputs 12 Bit
● PLC cycle on board
● Electronic Gear - and ECAM profile
● VTB (Visual Tool Basic)
● .NET Framework Component