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NG35 is the maximum expression of MULTI-AXIS controls. Thanks to its 32 bit uP running at 150 Mhz it is able to INTERPOLATE AXIS fast and accurate. Equipped with RTOS (Real Time Operative System) it’s possible manage MULTI-PROCESS interpolation. The high speed of data processing allows 6 axis interpolation cycles lower than 1 mSec. NG35 can drive either ANALOGIC +/- 10V axis, CAN OPEN axis, ETHERCAT axis. Ethernet is integrated on board providing 3 TCP/IP ports: MODBUS TCP/IP, WEB SERVER, and IFS for direct link with PROMAX library. Thanks the integrated WEB SERVER, it’s sufficient load the HTML pages to have under control, remoted too, the whole system by an web browser. The high features are well assisted by 16 Mb of RAM (optionally up to 32 Mb), 4Mb of FLASH memory (optionally up to 64 Mb) and 32 Kb of NV-RAM. Two CAN OPEN lines allow connectivity with standard devices both axis control modules and I/O devices.

● 16 Analog axis +/-10V and/or 64 CanOpen/EtherCat
● RAM 16 Mb, FLASH 4 Mb code, NV RAM 32Kb
● SSD 64 Mb with Fat
● Ethernet 10/100 TCP/IP
● 1 RS232 - 1 RS232/485
● Max 128 Digital Inputs PNP 24 Vdc
● Max 112 Digital Outputs up to 1 A 24 Vdc
● 8 Analog Inputs 10 Bit
● PLC cycle on board
● Electronic Gear - and ECAM profile
● VTB (Visual Tool Basic)
● .NET Framework Component
● TCP/IP Modbus