NFO Series
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AWL Programmable Controller 

NF0 line consists of high performance systems for axes control. The NF0 controllers add up to itself the functions of axes controller, PLC and master of a network. It therefore presents a big use flexibility. The system controllers are programmable in AWL language.   

In more than 30 years of experience, CMZ has developed a wide range of libraries warring the functionalities of the most common applications.

  • Electronic cams
  • Interpolation
  • Shift & capture
  • Flying shear 
  • Flow Pack
  • Linear balance
  • Weigh control
  • Temperature control
  • Libraries for the realization of the entire machine

    HMI Systems

    The CMZ global solution get rich with new opportunities, opening itself to the HMI word, and this guarantees to the customer more flexibility in terms of costs and application solutions.
    CMZ offers two lines of HMI systems:
    The Windows CE line, GX series, composed by two Touch Panel model,  8,4" and 12.1".
    The embedded system line, PV series, is composed by 4 models of colors touch screens HMI with different sizes ( from 3,5" to 12.1").


CTE 158

CTE 240

CTN 230

CTN 330

CTN 560

TS 1002

Axes of Motion Control 2 Axes 16 Axes 3 Axes 3 Axes 5 Axes

Up to 16
CAN open

Axex analog Interface Up to 2 Analog Axes Up to 4 Analog Axes 3 Analog Axes

3 Analog Axes

5Analog Axes


Axes CANopen Interface - CANopen - - - CANopen
HMI Display 4x20 ve keypad Graphic ve Monochrome Display 5,7" and keypad Black Box Black Box Black Box Renkli Touch Screen 10,4"
  1 RS232C port 2 RS232C ports 2 RS232C2 ports RS232C ports 2 RS232C ports 2 RS232C ports
Communication Ports 1 CAN CMZ port 1 CAN CMZ port - 1 CAN CMZ port 2 CAN CMZ ports 2 CANopen ports
  - - - 1 HDLC ports 1 HDLC port 1 CompactFlash port
Digital I/O on board 16IN + 16OUT Up to 64IN + 64OUT 32IN + 32OUT 15 IN + 8OUT 15 IN + 8OUT -
I/O's Fieldbus for expansion CAN CMZ CANopen - CAN CMZ CAN CMZ CANopen