Integrated Brushless Drive
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IBD is a brushless motor with integrated drive available in 4 sizes: 2,8Nm – 4Nm – 5,6Nm – 8Nm.
The system can work in two way: it can be controlled by a master controller through some types of interfaces:

  1.  EtherCAT
  2.  CANopen
  3.  Profibus
  4.  Modbus RS485
  5.  step/direction
  6.  Analogico

or it can work in stand alone mode for the application that do not require a strict synchronism among the axes. In this way IBD, thanks to its internal PLC, can manage the entire machine cycle. The programmability uses ST language of IEC61131 environment with some more motion functions. Thanks to its internal programmabity every customer can create its movement algorithm allowing complex trajectories. For example the user can manage on line modifications of the acceleration ramps to optimize the dynamic.


Power supply Nominal 560Vdc(min 310Vdc max 750Vdc)
Available sizes 2,8Nm - 4Nm - 5,6Nm - 8Nm, nominal speed 3000 rpm
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On board I/O's

4 digital IN 24Vdc genel amaçlı, konfigre edilebilir: PSTOP, NSTOP, Enable, Home,
Capture, Step/Direction
3 digital OUT 24Vdc 250mA, genel amaçlı
2 digital IN 24Vdc or 1 BTB OUT
1 digital IN/OUT 24Vdc with configurable function
3 differential I/O’s configurable as: Master incremental encoder or Absolute encoder
input Encoder emulation output PWM IN or OUT Auxiliary RS485 I/O’s extension port
1 Analogue IN +/-10V

Interfaces EtherCAT, CANopen, Profibus-DP, Modbus RS485 Pulse/direction, ±10V
Güvenlik STO (safe torque off)
Protection IP65
Options Fren


Integrated movement features:  Device profile DS402, interpolated mode, positioning , extended, gearing function , Ecam ,homing capture
Stand alone programmability acording to the standard IEC61131, ST language
ICapture Imput
PC parametrization tool
Protection: I2t, Overload, Short circuit, Overtemperature, Overvoltage