LBD Series
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LBD brushless drive is available in CANopen bus (DS402 profile), EtherCAT, +/-10V and pulse/direction interface. The range is composed by drives from 5A to 175A at 230Vac.


Power supply 230 Vac single phase
Logic supply 24Vdc
Rated current 2,5/5/8A – 220Vac , 4/10/22,5/50A – 3 x 400 Vac
Peak current

5/11/17A -220 Vac , 8/10/45/100A – 3 x 400Vac
Resolver, TTL incremental encoder,

Feebback TTL incremental encoder+HES, SinCos incremental,
SinCos incremental+HES, Hiperface encoder
Encoder emulation Incremental TTL (differential output)
Limit switch +/- 24Vdc optoisolated
Index input 24Vdc optoisolated
Capture input 24Vdc optoisolated
Analog input 1 12bits +/-10V
Analog input 2 12bits +/-10V
Analog input 8 bits 2,5V
Digital output 3 parametrable 24Vdc max 300mA with dedicated terminal
connection for motor brake control, (external power device required)
Frenleme Direnci 30W included. External connections available
STO Function 2 channels, SIL2 compliant
Interfaces CANopen (2 RJ45 connectors) 
± 10V
CAN Speed/address selection by switches
Motor thermal sensor PTC/NTC
EMC filter Choke integrated
Dimensions (mm) H 147 X W 70 X D 140
Weight (Kg) 1.4
Available versions CANopen (DS402), EtherCAT, Pulse/direction, ±10V


CANopen DS402 including capture + master slave
Analog operation +/-10V
Stepper emulation (pulse+direction using 24Vdc input)
Overload protection, Short circuit protection, Short to ground protection, I2t protection, 5 configurable inputs, PC parametrization tool