SMB Servo Motors
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The SMB/SME/SMH Series of highly-dynamic brushless servo motors have been designed to combine the cutting-edge technology of Parker Hannifin products with an extremely high performance. Thanks to the innovative “salient pole” technology, the motor’s dimensions are considerably reduced with significant advantages in terms of specific torque, overall dimensions and dynamic performance. Compared to traditional technology brushless servo motors, the specific torque is approximately 30 % higher, overall dimensions are considerably reduced and, consequently rotor inertias are extremely low. Thanks to the high quality Neodymium-Iron-Boron magnets, and also the encapsulation method used to fasten them to the shaft, these industrial servo motors can achieve very high acceleration and withstand high overloads without risk of demagnetisation or detachement of the magnets. Specific applications for the SME Series include all types of automation systems, especially those for the packaging and handling industry, and all those applications where very high dynamic performances and very low inertias are required. Winding options suitable for operation from both 230VAC and 400VAC are available, with a maximum nominal speed rating of 7500 min-1 (depending on frame size and feedback device), as well as holding brake and IP65 rated versions. The SME and SMH versions have encoder feedback options which include incremental, single-/multi-turn SinCos absolute types, plus the SME also offers the single cable Hiperface DSL system.

  • Sinusoidal back EMF
  • 8 motor poles
  • Magnets: NdFeB
  • PTC operating threshold: 130 °C
  • Ambient operating temperature: -10 °C ... +40 °C
  • Insulation: cabling class F, winding class H
  • Protection: IP64, according to EN 60034-5, EN 60529 and EN 60529/A1
  • Feedback: 2-pole resolver
  • Flange: B5 / B7 / B8
  • Connections: MIL connectors (only SMB/SME),  Interconnectron connectors, terminal box
  • Shaft with keyway
  • Balancing: with half key
  • Bearings lubricated for life
  • Standard accessories: mating half of power and signal connectors (for SMB and SME)
  • CE certification
  • UL & CSA certification (except SMB42)

Technical Data

Type Size Flange size [mm] Static Torque [Nm] Speed [rpm]
42  0.35 42 0.35 6000
60  1.4 60/70 1.4 1600...7500 
82  03 70/82/100 3 1000...7500
100  06 100 6 1600...7500  
115  10 115/130/145 10 1600...5600 
142  15 142 15 1800...5600